Friday, October 25, 2013

Twitter is causing excessive data usage in Windows Phones

If you have a Windows Phone with linked Twitter account, be sure to read this immediately. Twitter has been doing some changes (do they ever stop?) and it's causing excessive data usage in Windows Phones.

The social network integration in Windows Phone is one of its most valued features, but sometimes things can escape the control of Microsoft and the Windows Phone platform itself like in this case. Twitter is moving around their user's profile pictures, and that's been messing up Windows Phone which repeatedly tries to download it over and over again, easily eating up your mobile data plan and wasting gigabytes of WiFi data.

Microsoft has implemented an emergency patch that limits the downloads to a maximum of one per day, but even then, if you happen to have a long list of contacts on Twitter, it will still gobble up considerable data by the end of the month. Until Twitter sorts things out, you might want to remove your Twitter account from your Windows Phone to prevent this excessive data usage.

Be sure to keep an eye in your Data Sense app to see how how much data each app is using in your Windows Phone, and catch this sort of anomalies early on before they turn into a nasty surprise the next time you receive your phone bill.

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