Thursday, November 28, 2013

DIGIT recreates images using LED digits

In a time where we can get a Full HD screen in a smartphone, and TVs are now paving the way to Ultra HD 4K resolution... just how much detailed pixel quality do we really need in order to understand what's happening? That's what this D.I.G.I.T. project is about, recreating moving pictures using nothing but monochrome 7-segment LED digits, similar to the ones used in alarm clocks and the like.

I can't stop but going back through some old memories, from the time when computers were a magic thing that could only be handled by rocket scientists, and when I would mindlessly stare at dotmatrix printers going back and forth spewing perforated paper. And it was precisely one such printer that gave me one of my most treasured items back then, a ASCII ART print of Asterix (the comic book character). It was nothing but letters and symbols... but if you looked at it from far away... there was no doubt about it.

Today, such "art" might be considered pre-historic, as any inkjet printer can print a high quality photograph with millions of different colors. But even so... it's not that bad to, every once in a while, to remember just how amazing our brains (and imagination) are, allowing us to make sense of the world, even when all we're looking at is nothing more but a few LCD segments being turned on and off.

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