Friday, November 15, 2013

Google Now gets to be more conversational

Google has been improving its Google Now "assistant" a lot, and now we get to have a few more cards and a more talkative voice recognition mode. Until now, if you asked Google Now to send a message, you'd be thrown into the message app without further ado. With the latest update, Google Now will ask you for additional information, like who you want to send the message to, etc.

This isn't the only thing that has been done, but it's definitely one that will amaze anyone not used to using voice commands/questions. (Yes, it's a bit more like Siri... but what's the problem with that?)

We also get a bunch of new cards, including ones that notify you when there's has been a change to a web site with the Website update card; a News topic card that keeps you up to date on whatever topic you may want; the The What to Watch card will notify you of movies and TV series; and you also get to see traffic incidents on your commute using real-time data from Waze, set repeat reminders, get real time scores for rugby teams, and also see when your packages are ready for in-store pickup.

What's not to like? :)

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