Saturday, December 7, 2013

10 weapons anyone can build inside an Airport

If you try to board a plane, the powers that be will assume you're a potential terrorist, even though the chances of that happening are less than on in a billion, or at least far less than the chances of errors (as we can see by people boarding planes with weapons... simply by mistake or carelessness, that go undetected.) But while you'll be frowned upon by trying to take a scissor with you, or a bottle of water, maybe you'd like to know you can create seriously terrifying weapons, using nothing but thing you can buy at the airport - after you've passed the security checks!

And don't think for a moment it's just "play toys", we're talking about real weapons and bombs you can make, in true "MacGyver" style.

This serves to prove that, if someone is really willing to do harm, they'll find a way to so so - and there's no point in harassing everyone else, creating nothing but a false sense of pseudo-security.

... Something to think about next time you're looked suspiciously by a TSA agent because you're taking your nail clipper with you.

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