Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Google Wallet gets Physical (Card)

Putting your money on virtual services like PayPal or Google Wallet might be something many people do without second thought; but there are still many who don't enjoy having their own hard earned money "away" from them. If by any chance you need to get it back, you might have to wait several days - and that's something not everyone is willing to accept.

To ease things up, Google is now launching a Google Wallet Card. A card like any other debit/credit card (in fact, it's a MasterCard) that you can use in any store, bypassing the need to first transfer the money in your Google Wallet account to your regular bank account in order to do so.

As usual, you also get an upgraded Google Wallet app that will allow you to be instantly notified when the card is used, and also the option to disable it should it be lost or stolen. It's a nice addition to Google's portfolio... but I wish they pushed things even further... maybe by using something like the amazing "Coin" programmable card. That, would be something truly Google-worth! :)

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