Tuesday, December 31, 2013

World Map of the most Photographed places on Earth

Sure... we can now travel the world in just a few seconds using the internet. But have you ever wondered where tourists (and locals) snap more photographs? That's something that can easily be found using the geolocation data on services like Panoramio... and the results can be mapped into a eye catching map that lights up the world.

This Sightsmap lets us explore the world under a new information layer: the most lighted areas are the most photographed ones, while the darker areas are less popular (though not less interesting per se). In regards to Portugal, Lisbon pops up in the 23th place and Porto on 42nd (not bad to be in the top 50 cities, I guess). But can you imagine what the top 10 cities are?

Think on it for a while and then check the results after the map:

  1. New York
  2. Rome
  3. Barcelona
  4. Paris
  5. Istanbul
  6. Venice
  7. Monte Carlo
  8. Florence
  9. Buenos Aires 
  10. Budapest

Did you get that right? I have to admit I got a few of them right, but found several surprises in there (I would never expect Monte Carlo to be in the top 10, for instance!)

In any case, that's not a bad list to consider should you be planning a trip in the near future and haven't decided on your destination yet (though you might want to skip those and head to Porto directly... :)

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