Tuesday, January 7, 2014

7 SciFi TV Series you won't want to miss in 2014

A new year is beginning and with it we get not only the return of some well known TV series but some new ones as well. Usually I leave this kind of stuff to my movie/tv blog, but as I suspect many of you might share the same taste in sci-fi and other fictional genres, here are some series you might want to keep an eye on:


One of the high hopes for 2014, Helix takes us to a remote lab in the Artic where a strange contagious disease seems to be spreading. If you loved "The Thing" then you'll definitely love this series... and let's hope they don't let us down.


If you loved Chuck and Person of Interest, then you'll want to keep this Intelligence in your list. A special agent has a microchip in his brain giving him access to the world's entire information network. You'll also notice the main character is none other than the popular "Sawyer" from Lost, Josh Holloway.

The Strain

Guillermo del Toro's well known book series is heading to TV and promises to keep viewers as engaged as readers did. In this The Strain a plane lands with everyone on board dead. Soon... things will vecome even weirder... and scarier.


Laura Vandervoort (you might remember her as Clark Kent's super-cousing in Smallville) is back. In Bitten  she's about to become a woman among werewolves... and she'll have to keep all those teeth in check.

Mind Games

Steve Zahn and Christian Slater are about to twist your brain in Mind Games. An ex-convict and a master in human psych manipulation are about to show us just how easy it is to make people do things they might not really want to do.


If you thought vampire-human relationships were hard, just you wait and see what Star-Crossed has in mind. Yes... we have aliens on set, and after being confined to internment camps, a bunch of them is about to mingle among human teenagers in school.

The 100

And last but not least. In a post-apocalyptic setting where the few surviving humans had to leave the planet and seek refuge aboard an orbiting base station, one hundred young delinquents - The 100 - are sent back to the ground to find out if it's safe to. This on had me at "post-apocalyptic"... :)

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