Saturday, January 4, 2014

Create secure random Passwords in Chrome [Hidden option]

There are lots of ways to create secure passwords: using password management software, using random password web services, or even just let your cat stroll around over your computer keyboard; but if you're a Chrome user there's an easier way waiting for you just a single mouse click away.

Chrome is a good browser, but Google keeps trying new stuff. Many of those experimental features get implemented but are hidden away, so that they don't bother regular users but can be enabled by developers or power users. You need only take a look in chrome://flags to see just how many things Chrome has - and although we don't recommend going overboard and tweak things a lot, there's one option you definitely should try: the enable password generation.

Just scroll around till you fine "Enable password generation" and click enable.

After you restart your browser, whenever Chrome detects a registration form asking you for a password, it will place a small key icon in its input box that will give you access to a secure random password generator (also giving the chance the keep generating different passwords till you're satisfied with it).

It's just a shame that it doesn't allow you to define the password size (like 16 or 20 chars), but there's nothing stopping us from stuffing a few extra random chars in there just for added protection.

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