Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pocket Drone flies your GoPro into the Sky

We've all seen just how amazing action-cam footage can be, going where no other video camera would dare to go. But soon, you'll be able to record even more amazing videos with your GoPro thanks to this Pocket Drone project by AirDroids that has just hit Kickstarter.

This Pocket Drone is almost literally a flying drone you can carry around in your pocket thanks to its ingenious folding structure and propellers. Even though it can fit into a small pouch roughly the size of a 7" tablet (although thicker), it can carry around a GoPro camera into the air for about 20 minutes.To be so compact, this drone ditches one engine and becomes a tri-copter instead of the most common quad-copters, and thanks to its foldable structure it's also more likely to survive any crashes, with the foldable arms absorbing most of the impact.

The Pocket Drone can be controlled via remote control or an app running on your smartphone or tablet, and it can also automatically follow a preset route. If you're interested, it's only $495 away from you, and it seems like a lot of people think it's a good deal, having surpassed the $200k mark even though they were just looking for $35k dolars. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in July - if there are no delays, as it almost always happens in these crowdfunded projects.

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