Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bluetooth DICE+ bridges the gap between board games and tablets

Tablets may have always been promising playgrounds for digital board games, but true board game enthusiasts may find the lack of physical interaction somewhat distasteful to their original counterparts. Well, things are about to change thank to this amazingly simple bluetooth digital DICE+.

You can use this digital dice with both iOS and Android games, and although it includes several games, the really nice part is that any developer may choose to support it in their own games. In fact, this cute little dice can even act as a 3D controller thanks to its embedded motion sensors - just one of many sensor it carries: temperature, proximity, etc.

Another nice touch, each face has a RGB LED that can be controlled independently, allowing for countless ways for added interactions, and you don't even have to worry about its ability to still act as a dice: it's internal mass and structure has been carefully studied to ensure it still is as random as any other regular dice.

At launch you can play games likeBackgammon; Chuchumba; DICE+ Heroes; Rainbow Jack; Rumble Stumble; This Way Up; Bella & Max; and Pirates.

And the best part of it all... DICE+ costs only €39,99 (less than most board games). Now... if only we could get a table sized tablet to place in the living room... :)

[via Aberto até de Madrugada]

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