Wednesday, February 5, 2014

bRight Switch is a touchscreen smart switch for your home

There's no bigger fan of home automation than me; but no matter how many times something may look cool on a demo or showroom, I always think about how well will it actually work in our regular daily life. For instance, having smart lamps you can control from your smartphone or a dedicated remote control unit might sound fun... until you're at home and want to dim the lights in the living room and remember your smartphone is charging in the office, and the remote control for the lamps is missing or without batteries.

That's why I've always said that no matter how intelligent home devices become, we still need a fast and accessible way to control them in any room, and this bRight Switch is about to make my wishes come true - if it ends up being funded in Indiegogo (there's till a few days left).

Sure, in-wall touch panels have been around for years - but if you look at its prices, you'd start to wonder: why don't I just tape an iPad to a wall - it would be cheaper!

Even so, not everyone would be willing to spend $300-400 per room to have an iPad in the wall; and thankfully, technology has evolved to the point you don't have to. With the bRight Switch you can do the same (and actually more, since it has integrated Z-Wave) for less than $100. The regular unit costs just $75 (you'll probably know some luxury wall dimmers can cost even more than that!) and a Bluetooth version that can track your movement around the house as well as stream wireless music goes for $90.

Considering the bRight Switch acts not only as a smart switch but also as a video surveillance system, video intercom, and more... I think it's more than we could ever ask for.

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