Friday, February 21, 2014

New HTC One will have two back cameras

HTC may be going through a rough patch, but it seems determined to get back into the game. Their upcoming new flagship models seems to have something that we haven't seen yet: two cameras in the back.

At first, I thought (feared!) it would be yet another 3D camera gimmick. But the different sized cameras makes me think that's not the case, at least not primary motive (for that, we would expect to have two similar cameras - although even with different spec cameras they'll still be able to create Lytro style 3D images. One could also speculate maybe it would be something like FLIR's thermal vision module; which would be interesting, but not immediately appealing for most people in a consumer produtc (not to mention the added cost).

So, we'll need to hope it's some kind of enhanced low-light sensor that can take pictures in the dark (something like that color night vision camera would be amazing!) and that will make HTC stand out from every other device on the market.

We also get dual-tone color flash like we have on the iPhone 5S for improved natural looking colors even when you use the flash. But the key part is: what is HTC up to with its two back cameras in this new HTC One? We'll find out soon!

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