Monday, February 24, 2014

Nokia unveils their X Android phones

Hell didn't freeze, but for some it may seem like it did: Nokia (now belonging to Microsoft) has officially announced their new X line of devices... using Android! And we're not talking about a single Android device, but three: the X, X+ and XL.

You'd be hard pressed to tell them apart, as they all look the same, except for the XL, which as its name implies, is larger than the other ones. They all have a dual-core Snapdragon CPU, 4GB of storage space plus microSD and dual-SIM. The resolution is fixed at 800x480, but you have a 4" screen in the X and X+, and 5" in the XL. The difference between the X and X+ is the RAM: the first comes with only 512MB, the other with 768MB (like the XL). They also have 3MP cameras (5MP on the XL).

These devices are based on Android 4.1.2, but you won't find Google Play Store on it, nor the usual Android interface. The system has been reworked by Nokia, presenting a mix of Asha/Windows look, and you now get Nokia and MS services as standard: Here Maps, Bing, outlook, Skype, One Drive, etc. Although some claimed Android to be unforkable due to the essential Google Services that are not open-source, Nokia proved otherwise. Most Android apps can run just fine in these Nokia X, and for the ones that don't Nokia provides a new set of APIs for location, notification and payment services - which can be used by developers to quickly migrate their apps to this platform.

Nokia X is available right now for €89, while the X+ and XL will arrive in the coming months for €99 and €109.

If you want an even cheaper device, Nokia has also announced their cheapest Asha yet - the 230 - with a 2.8" (320x240) touchscreen for just 45€; and the even cheaper 29€ Nokia 220, a feature phone with internet access, and Facebook, Twitter.

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