Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seattle Gigapixel panoramic photo is filled with easter eggs

Microsoft has created a 20 gigapixels panoramic view of Seattle - which would be more than interesting to explore by itself - and decided to make it even more appealing by adding dozens of creative easter eggs throughout the city, hidden in plain sight.

How did they do it? They invited dozens of local artists, that now popup all over the city in "strange/weird/funny" stances, like a group of zombies doing tai-chi in a park; a couple proposing; a mirror covered scooter; painted cards; acobatic yoga couples; and lots, lots more.

When you find these scenes you also get a label you can expand to know a bit more about what it is and who they are - and if you're tired of looking for them, you can also easily browse all the artists in this gigapixel panorama. Now, the really hard part will be finding a "weird" scene that wasn't made on purpose... are you up for such a task? :)

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