Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

Seems like every device we wear is starting to get smarter by the day. If you want to track your physical activity but don't want to wear any other stuff, and you're already an earphone user then you're in luck, These Dash smart earphones can do all that tracking and more without any extra hassle.

While there are a growing number of fitness trackers on the market, they all require you to use an extra bracelet or somekind of add-on sensor device to track your activity. And even then, they can only track your movements and not your vital signs (some have a heart rate monitor, but you have to place your finger in the sensor whenever you want to get a reading, as it isn't done continuously.)

These Dash put all that inside tiny in-ear wireless earphone, and besides acting as your regular wireless earphones (no cables flapping around) they can also monitor your activity - as well as your body temperature, heart rate, and even oxygen saturation. Looks like other trackers/sensors will need to revise their plans soon.

These Dash are a bit expensive (starting at $179 if you were lucky enough to grab the first ones) and should find their way into backer's hands by October.

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