Thursday, March 27, 2014

Facebook buys Oculus VR and dives head first into Virtual Reality

Can't say I was expecting that: Facebook had bought Oculus VR, the creators of the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset that is making everyone believe that we're finally on the verge of achieve the virtual reality reality we've always hoped for.

It may sound a bit crazy... but once you consider the amazing potential virtual reality has, not only in gaming but in all kinds of other scenarios: health, education, work, etc. it's easy to understand why they would be interested - though for now the priority will continue to be games. If you imagine a future where a headset can transport you to a believable "reality", you'd no longer need to buy a large screen TV for your home, you  could have a screen as large as you want inside your virtual home - heck, you could even have your own private IMAX cinema, to which you could invite your friends and share a movie together, even though each one of them could be in different continents.

And what about schools and education? Being in the far reaches of the Earth wouldn't keep you from attending a class in the best Universities of any country in the world, in a way that would make you actually like you're there - instead of just watching it on a screen.

It's an amazing tech, and FB now holds a very important asset that allows them to be in the front row for this revolution. Sure, this acquisition won't be welcomed by all (Minecraft's creator has already cancelled the Oculus Rift version of his popular game because he "doesn't trust Facebook"), but... no one will be able to stop the virtual reality revolution. Just you wait and see.

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