Monday, March 24, 2014

Wolfram Alpha shows us how a dog sees Obama

Wolfram Alpha is an amazing knowledge engine that can answer questions we can't even imagine. Today I bring you one such case. Would you imaging Wolfram Alpha to be capable of showing us how a dog sees Obama? Well... it may sound like an April's foll prank, but it actually can.

You can check it out for yourself, by asking Wolfram Alpha: apply dog vision to image of obama.

This system assumes the result based on two color photo-receptors on dog's eyes, and 20% of human visual acuity, and it gives us an estimate of how our trusted companions see us.

Next I tried doing the same for cats, but it seems Wolfram is more of a dog-person, as the same query for cats didn't provide any results. You can try other images besides Obama though, I'll leave that for you to explore.

More stuff you can do with Wolfram Alpha? How about...
Amazing stuff... isn't it?

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