Friday, April 18, 2014

TinkerBots - LEGO style modular robots on Indiegogo

I'm happy to see there's an increased interest in physical "toys" - after several generations of people that have devoted their (free) time seating in front of a TV playing console games. This Tinkerbots (TinkerBots on Indiegogo) that has popped up on Indiegogo is just one more such example.

If you ever felt the urge to build a robot, you might be familiar with this: you begin by exploring several possibilities... but when you see that most of them require soldering wires and electronic components, as well as mess with microcontroller programming and such... you begin wondering if you wouldn't be better off inserting a game disc into your Xbox/Playstation.

TinkerBots simplifies all that.

TinkerBots provides you with easy to use modular blocks: you get a "brain", different moving parts, sensors, etc. that you can simply assemble as if it were a LEGO block system. (In fact, you also have a LEGO adapter that you can use to expand your designs using actual LEGO blocks.)

Then, you can program your robot by simply performing and recording the actions on the moving parts, although more complex design will still require you do mess around with actual programming. But at least, you'll be a lot closer to your end goal. :)

The basic kit starts at $199, but if you want the fully loaded version with all different kinds of modules, you'll need to invest $603.

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