Saturday, May 17, 2014

Most common languages in the USA

The USA is home to a vast array of people and cultures from all around the world. But you'll be surprised to know which are the most common languages spoken in each state.

Sure, let's get english and spanish out of the way, as those are always on the top spots. But when you look at the third most spoken language across the country, you're in for a surprise. I'm not too surprised to se Portuguese as the 3rd most spoken language in Massachusetts and Rhode Island (though I also expected to see it in New Jersey), but I had no idea we'd have Vietnamese in Texas and Washington, and Tagalog in California and Nevada (that's a language mostly speaking by the filipino people), or Russin in Oregon. German takes the lead in most of the central US, with Arabic winning in Michigan and Chinese in New York.

Did you have any idea these languages would be so widely popular in the USA?

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