Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Secret Siri tricks you'll love to know

Although Android and even Windows Phone also have their own (and capable) voice assistants, Siri is still considered the reference to which they are compared. Today, I bring you 7 little tricks you might now that Siri can handle... and that can actually be quite useful.

1. Find settings
You can ask Siri to do things like "turn on/off bluetooth", but considering the settings section in iOS has grown to become a complete mess where you may never find what you're looking for, it's nice to know that Siri can lend a helping hand. Say something like "change the font size" or "adjust the screen brightness" or "edit Safari settings," and Siri will promptly direct you to the right place, saving you the hassle of finding it yourself.

2. Passing planes
Curious about that plane flying high above in the sky? Just ask Siri "what planes are above me right now?" and you'll soon find out. Unfortunately, this one works only in the US (shame on you Apple - there's an entire new world out there that also likes to be well treated. ;P)

3. Setting power naps
Want to take a quick nap, or stay in bed for a little while longer, just tell Siri to "wake me up in 30 minutes" and you're all set... provided your iPhone doesn't run out of juice until then (yes, that did happen to me, but just once... or twice at the most).

4. Movie reviews and times
Want to check a movie while you're trying to decide which one to see at the theater (or Netflix)? Just ask Siri "how good is The Dark Knight Rises?" and Siri will  get you sorted out via Rotten Tomatoes. You can even ask her how long a movie is - if you need to make sure you're on time for your next event (commercial breaks and ads not included.)

5. World Cup data
Siri is big on sports, and even though soccer might not be on your top list, Siri can now give you all kinds of data regarding the World Cup: "When is England v Italy?" or "When does the World Cup end?" to know when your favorite teams will play, and keep an eye on things by asking "Who will win the World Cup?" to get the current state of play in the tournament.

6. Find some food and drink
You probably now you can ask Siri for bars and restaurants; what you probably didn't know is that you can be more specific and ask for specific drinks or dishes. "Find whiskey" will give you a list of bars and restaurants where whiskey is served (is there any bar that doesn't?)

7. What's on Twitter?
If you're a Twitter user, you'll love to know you can ask Siri for things like "what's trending on Twitter?" or even ask what specific people, accounts and handles are saying right now: "What is Best Secrets saying on Twitter"? And you'll quickly find out! :)

[via gizmodo]

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