Thursday, June 19, 2014

Amazon presents Fire phone with unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon has finally unveilled its Fire smartphone with the "dynamic perspective" tech that uses 4 front facing cameras to track you and create an holographic 3D effect as you move your head, and a Firefly button that can instantly scan all sorts of objects and direct you to Amazon (or other services) where you can get more info and buy it. But among these and other features, there is one that might force Apple and Google to revise their plans: unlimited photo storage.

Sure, there are lots of peoples that fill their smartphones with music and other kinds of media; but ask any regular person to check what's eating up most of the space in their devices, and the answer will be: the photos they take. A few years ago, offering a few GB of space to store your data online felt really spacious, but year after year you take more photos, and that available space quickly vanishes.

Apple offers you just 5GB of space before charging you extra; and although Google allows for "unlimited" photo storage, that's only if you reduce you image file size. Considering there are an increasing number of cloud storage services that offer you far more space for free - Flickr even goes as far as offering 1TB of free space - wouldn't it make sense these services, that make money on each app, music, book, and video you buy or rent, to do the same? Amazon thinks so, and is offering unlimited photo space with this Fire phone.

Let's hope Google and Apple take the hint and revise their plans as well...

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