Monday, June 2, 2014

GOkey USB pen, mobile battery, Bluetooth tracker

The idea of having a powerful smartphone that allows you to leave home with no other gadgets attached is great. Unfortunately, most of the time it's just an illusion. USB pens, charging cables, mobile batteries, and even Bluetooth trackers so you don't lose any of it, fill your pockets or carrying cases. How about putting all that together into a single, compact, device? That's precisely what GOkey is.

This device is about to become real thanks to an successful Indiegogo campaign, and combines a USB pen with a "flying saucer" look, with a charging cable (microUSB or Lightning), an integrated mobile battery you can use to recharge your devices away from a power source, and even a Bluetooth tracker beacon so you can always find your most precious items (for instance, use it as a key-chain and never forget your keys again.

Prices start at $59, $69 and $79 (for the 8, 16, and 32GB models), but you can get it for a lot less should you team up with some friends and opt for the special packs: $118 get you three 8GB GOkeys, that's about $39 each - which is a really nice price considering all it has to offer (and there are also packs for the higher capacity versions, should you feel 8GB aren't enough).

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