Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ready - Contact and call manager for Android

Smartphones have evolved so much that we often forget we can still use them to make telephone calls. In fact, it's kind of weird to notice that calling someone is something that sometimes seems to be handled worse than it was in dumb cellphones. Thankfully, there's a solution to that, and it's called Ready - for Android devices.

Android allows us to customize and change practically every aspect of it, and that happens with your call and contact manager as well. Ready not only looks insanely better than the stock contact and call manager, but it adds a few very welcome features as well - that you won't know how you have lived without for so long until you've tried it.

For instance, when you get a call, you'll have immediate access to the last emails with that person, related events, last calls, etc. That alone would make it a worthwhile improvement, but there's more. Contact browsing is also nicely handled via a "quick dial" rotary gesture; and after you've made a call you'll get shortcuts for common tasks, such as sending a text, scheduling a meeting, etc.

Ready is still under development, but if you're willing to try it right now - and help improve it and become all that it can become, you're free to join the Ready beta group and have it working on your Android before long.

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