Saturday, June 21, 2014

SJ4000 - a "GoPro" camera for half the price

When someone mentions "action cams" the first thing that will pop to everyone's minds will be GoPro. But if you simply want to play around from time to time, spending nearly €400 (or more) on a high-end camera won't seem too appealing. What if you could do the same for less than €100? That's precisely what you can with this SJ4000 Full HD camera.

The QUMOX SJ4000 doesn't hide where it got its inspiration, but it's available for about half the price of the cheapest GoPro. Though it can record Full HD video, its claimed 720@60 is simply a lie: it's chipset can't handle it, and it simply repeats a 720@30 stream, showing the same frame twice. Even so, there are a lot of things that make this SJ4000 a steal. For instance, you get an integrated LCD screen - something that not even a high-end GoPro has (you need to buy it separately).

You also get a water-proof enclosure, as well as a wide assortment of attachment pieces.

While the price alone makes this SJ4000 highly attractive (video quality is algo quite good - which is good to know), you also get other nive features, including a "car mode" that starts recording as soon as turn the ignition and stops when you turn off your car; motion detection video recording; and more.

Curiously, this camera that copies the GoPro looks also has clones of itself at slightly reduced prices (if you order it from China). Even so, considering the price difference, the import taxes, and the fact that you can simply get it on Amazon UK for £76 (about €98) means you'll probably better off sidestepping the long delivery times and potential custom taxes by buying it in Europe.

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