Saturday, July 19, 2014

cPulse LED cover for Android smartphones

As big fans of LEDs and decorative lighting, there would be no way not to talk about a project that has popped up on Kickstarter: the - literally - flashy cPulse.

This cPulse by Codlight is a smartphone cover that has 128 programmable RGB LEDs you can use to light your place with brightness to spare, as well as create flashy colored animations to rule the dance floor on any party you go to.

Considering the extra volume it adds to the smartphone, I find it hard to believe that it will be considered by anyone looking for a simple "protective cover"; so, that should scare off quite a bit of potential buyers. But if you're interested, you'll like to know that 1h of use will consume just about 7% of your smartphone battery, which should be enough for you to use it without too much concern about not being able to call someone after the party.

Though it uses your smartphone power, cPulse also has an additional micro-USB port that allows you to charge your smartphone (and access its data), so you don't have to remove it and reinsert it every time you need to do that - and you'll still be able to access your smartphone power and volume buttons.

Even being a big fan of LEDs, I think this cPanel is a bit too specific for what I would expect. If it was a slimmer back cover that would add just a couple of millimeters to a smartphone thickness, I might consider it. But as it is - and considering it costs $89 - I can't imagine using it on a daily basis... and I don't have enough "social life" to justify buying such a thing. Maybe if you're a "party animal" you'll be able to make better use of it than me! :)

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