Monday, August 4, 2014

Finally Bulbs - the "perfect lamps" at last?

Lamps are no longer what they used to be. The secular incandescent and wasteful ligh bulb is now being banned and replaced for far more efficient technologies. But these technologies still struggle to offer a similar experience like the traditional light we've grown used to. Now Finally Bulb says to have created the perfect lamp, with all the advantages... and none of the drawbacks.

You probably have some CFL and LED lamps by now. CFLs have evolved a lot, but they still suffer from poor start-up times and their alleged long life quickly fades if used in intensive on/off cycles like hallways. LED lamps are also evolving rapidly, but they struggle to provide omnidirectional light, not to mention they sometime have big heatsink fins that don't fit the fixture we'd like to place them in. The bulbs from Finally Bulbs, on the other hand, are just like regular lamps, fitting anywhere, they don't heat up as much as incandescent lamps, they light up instantly, they provide excellent light quality, and are highly efficient and long lasting.

So, what's the trick? Well, there's no trick. These are magnetic induction lamps and they've been around for quite some time, used in tunnels, buildings and other commercial installations. These lamps are similar to fluorescent lamps, in that they internally generate UV light, and that there's a fluorescent material that converts it to visible light, but in here there's no electrodes, with the process relying on induction to work. This makes it more efficient... but also means they need more complex electronics, usually a box sized worth of it. That the breakthrough Finally Bulbs did, reducing its size so it would fit inside a regular lamp.

Also, the choice of being just like a regular lamp wasn't made by accident. This way they can use the now "obsolete" machines used in producing the old incandescent lamps, saving a lot of money and making possible to sell these lamps for less than $10.

Looks like there's no reason not to use these lamps when the time comes to replace your existing lamps.

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