Friday, August 22, 2014

Google driver-less cars are programmed to speed for security reasons

One could jokingly say that it isn't speed that kills you but the sudden impact if you hit something, if this wasn't a serious issue that kills thousands of people every year. However, there are situations when speeding can be safer... and even Google's driver-less cars are programmed to do it.

No, you won't find a driver-less Google car zooming by at 160mph. They're only programmed to speed by up to 10mph over the speed limit, and the reason my surprise you; Google has found that speeding can be safer.

You just need to consider the absurdity of trying to overtake a car that is travelling at 59mpg in a 60mph. If you stick to the speed limit, it will take you "forever" to overtake it. Also, if you're sticking to 60mph and everybody else is travelling at 70mph, you may be the one causing "problems" (even though, legally, it's everybody else's fault). The thing is, this is one of those times where "going with the flow" will be better for everyone, and that's why Google has programmed this small speed allowance to their cars.

Should you ever be caught speeding, you might want to try using this little bit of explanation to the officer... and see if he agrees with it... or not! :)

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