Monday, September 8, 2014

Clean up forgotten permissions to your Google Account

The "iCloud Hack" case brought online security issues back to the top of the news, and hence the perfect time to double check some security permissions in your Google account that might have gone unnoticed by most users.

Online data theft and hacking is usually done via the "weakest link". That means that, even if you have a ultra-secure password and use 2-factor authentication in your Google account (as you should), that doesn't mean you're safe. There are lots of ways to access your data, and they might be hidden right under your nose.

The thing is, you'll most likely have given permission to dozens of sites and services to access some of your Google data over the years and forgot about it. Each of those services, whether you still use it or not, can access your data, and become an entry point should a hacker find his way into those sites.

To check it out you should head to your Google account security settings and click on the apps and websites permissions.

There you'll find all the services and sites that can access your Google data, and which kind of access they have - from total access to the simple basic account data to login in some site. The thing is, if it's an app or site you don't use anymore, you should "revoke access" so there are as few external services with granted access to your data as possible,

And while you're at it, don't forget to activate the phone alerts, so you can get instantly notified should any suspicious activity or passwords change attempt occur. It's highly recommended to be on top of those things should someone ever gain access to your account (or try to).

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