Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anonabox uses TOR for simple plug'n'play internet privacy

If you take your online privacy serioulsy you'll be aware there are lots of places where your data might be monitored or captured. Something that really isn't as paranoid as we'd hope, considering everything that has come to light since Edward Snowden's revelations. So... what can you do about it? This Anonabox might be one easy way to deal with it.

Updated: Kickstarter has suspended the campaign due to misleading info from its creators.

There are lots of different options to keep your internet access safe(r) and harder to track. Things like VPNs and TOR can provide and added layer of anonymity and security, but they're not as easy to setup as one would wish for. And that's precisely what Anonabox accomplishes, with a simple plug'n' play solution you can simply plugin in wherever you are.

This tiny router needs only be placed in between your devices and the internet, and automatically takes care of routing all your data through the TOR network - a network that makes each pacjet go through several nodes that have no idea about their origin or destination, making it nearly impossible for anyone to track down which sites or services you're accessing. Something that will be greatly appreciated not only by those that wish to remain anonymous "simply because" but mainly by all those that might want to access sites that are being censored or monitored.

It's huge success on Kickstarter shows just how much people take their privacy seriously, with over 500,000 dollares pledged already for a campaign that was only looking for 7,500 dollars.

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