Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Using Siri while driving is more dangerous than you think

Digital assistants like Apple's Siri might be very helpful for hands-free operation, and that may be of great use while you're driving. However, they might not be as "safe" as you might imagine, as AAA points out.

An AAA study show that using Siri while driving is quite dangerous, causing high levels of distraction that surpass other voice recognition systems and operating complex navigation menus.

Though one must keep in mind that the operations that were being done using Siri were more complex that what you could do with any other system - with things like updating your social network status, updating calendars, and such - the key point is stating that, simply because you can now do these sorts of tasks hands-free that doesn't mean it's safe to do it while driving.

Until we have driverless cars that can keep their electronic eyes on the road at all times and allow us to do whatever we may want, the best thing is to keep your own eyes - and focus - on the road. There really is no excuse to endanger you and others just because you though it would be nice to post a message on Facebook while you're on the road...

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