Saturday, November 8, 2014

Racially diverse Emoji to arrive in 2015

Technology may shape society, but society also shapes technology, as it is about to be seen - in a much grander scale - in our beloved emoji symbols, that are about to be available in all races/color you may want.

The traditional yellow smileys might make us think they would be "universal", but it seems there are people that want them to look more like themselves, and so, next year it will be possible to choose different skin tone modifiers in order to make them any color you want.
Though I have nothing against it, I do think it's "overkill" to add this much complexity to icons that were supposed to be symbolic and transcend gender and race. Sure, there are many other emoji symbols that have received criticisms, like the couples, with a man and woman (and child), with people calling for same sex versions of them. This also means that this skin tone modifier will need to consider multiple persons in a emoji, allowing you to select a pink person next to a brown one, with a lighter toned kid next to a darker one.

... By the way things are going, selecting the proper emoji will be akin to creating a complete character in a videogame. What's next? Fashionable emoji where you'll want to select the kind of clothes they're wearing, so you can be hipster, or classic, or... whatever? Maybe it's best to simply let you share a photo and be done with it.

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