Wednesday, November 19, 2014

uTorrent Bundles pays 90% to authors

Authors, editors and publishers are still trying to get their grips around the changes required to handle the digital market, between digital content stores, subscription and streaming services, etc. But now uTorrents jumps ahead and proposes something they'll certainly like: a 90% cut.

While most digital sales services have settled on a 70% cut to authors, uTorrens wants to do better with its "bundles", not only providing full control to the the authors/artists, but also - and more importantly - a 90% cut.

And this isn't a nice deal for music alone. uTorrent doesn't really care you use their bundle service to sell ebooks, movies, art, software, or any other type of digital content you can download. Something that may attract lots of other authors/developers/etc. looking for a global store available worldwide, without having to worry about the details.

When we first talked about the uTorrent bundles we said it would be kind of funny to see torrents - so often associated with illegal downloads - become artists best friends (and ultimately, allowing them to be justly compensated by their creations). Now, with this 90% "incentive", I really hope we'll see more and more authors, artists, and developers, to help turn torrents into something they can live off.

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