Monday, December 8, 2014

ADR1FT will leave you lost in space as in Gravity

If you loved Gravity (the movie) and wished you could try out your own luck in a similar situation, you'll soon be able to do it - without actually put your life at risk. The ADR1FT videogame is sure to leave you gasping for air.

This Adr1ft is a game where you'll be left in orbit, in a leaky spacesuit and surrounded by the debris of a space station, with no recollection of what might have happened. Your mission: to survive as best you can adrift in space, and trying to get back safely to the ground - and perhaps understand what caused such destruction.

If the game as it is is more than enough to "glue" us to the screen, just imagine how this game will feel played with a Oculus Rift VR headset. I guess it will make us feel like we're actually floating around in space... (I tried a short VR demo that placed us as an astronaut... and the feeling of stepping out of the space station, into the void, was really intense - I can surely hope this one to be even better! :)

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