Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ETER9 that promises to turn you immortal (digitally)

Social networks pop in and out of existence faster than we can imagine, but sometimes something new comes along that peeks our interest, such as this ETER9 - which not only is born in Portugal but, more importantly, promises to make you last for all eternity... in a digital format.

No, they don't mean keeping what you've posted online forever. This ETER9 proposes a very ingenious concept that, if well implemented, might be on to something. Once you sign in and start using this social network, your action will be used to teach an artificial intelligence entity that will be your counterpart. This digital entity will be able to interact with other human users (as well as their own digital counterparts) even if/when you're offline.

It's something that seems out of a science-fiction novel, and of course it still need to be seen if this AI is minimally intelligent to the point that you actually care about it (instead of simply dismissing it as rubbish - should it ever start "liking" Taylor Swift, for instance.)

But the really intriguing part is to imagine that even if human users stop using this social network, it might still thrive with nothing but the digital counterparts of the long gone users - hence the "eternity" part of it. Could this happen to be the first social network... for machines? Now, that's something worth thinking about. :)


  1. Careful.... this might be a trick by the devil

  2. Mmm. Devil me up. Can't get enough of that devil.

  3. Deviled eggs, yummy.


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