Saturday, January 31, 2015

Forget all you think you known about archery

If you hold fond memories of the bow and arrow prowess of Hollywood's movie heroes like Robin Hood, I'm sorry to say... it's all wrong. Well, it's not me who says it, but Lars Andersen, a master archer that does all sorts of things we'd consider to be "impossible".

Lars spend years perfecting his archery skills, and is now capable of doing things like firing multiple sequential arrowns in a fraction of a second, or even hitting an arrow flying straight at him (beat that Robin Hood!) In fact, it's the sort of stuff that made me watch his video over and over again, to try and figure out if it's not a fake (I don't think so... but I won't say it isn't.)

Lars shows us how movies and "common knowledge" get most things wrong about bow and arrows, from the placement of the arrow on the inside of the bow, to the transportation of arrows on a quiver. And he's got historical images and descriptions to back him up.

Best of all is to see him in action... and hope he'll soon deliver a higher quality, high-speed, video of his techniques so we can actually see most of the things he's doing in perfect detail.

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