Friday, February 27, 2015

The black/blue/white/gold dress that puzzled the Internet

It's amazing on the simplest of things can sometimes become an internet sensation. Today, lots of users were confronted with a discussion about...  the color of a dress. More precisely, a white and gold dress that should actually be blue and black.

If you're one of the persons that bet on white and gold, let me tell that you're wrong. But don't take it too harshly, because it isn't actually your "fault". This strange color shift is due to a combination of factors, that involves ta similar kind of phenomena seen in optical illusions.

[Would you bet "A" and "B" to be the same color? It actually is! ;]

The famous 2 "opposite" colors being the same optical illusion reminds us just how easily we can interpret what we see; and in this dress's case we have several factors that help explain what's happening: first and foremost, it's a highly overexposed photo with completely messed up "white balance. But then we have an additional factor that comes into play: the screen where you're seeing it.

You may think all LCDs are the same, but the truth is that cheaper LCDs can exhibit huge color shifts depending on the viewing angle. The exact same image can have very different colors as you slightly move around - as seen in the following clip.

So... what can we learn from all this? That everyone should probably buy IPS LCD screens (or OLEDs). :)

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