Saturday, May 2, 2015

Google auto-complete shows price concerns around the World

Google's search auto-complete can reveal what people around are looking for, and that applies to finding out how much "something" costs. The results can be both funny... and not so funny, illustrating that the world really is a very different place depending on where you live.

I'm please to see that Portugal shows up with a rather normal concern about how much a meal costs, while in the USA the main concern seems to be patents. Then we have really awkward cases like the cost for in-vitro fertilization in Australia, while right next to it, New Zealand is all about vasectomies!

But there are lots of other things that make us wonder... Like the cost for prostitutes in Brazil, while in other countries we get things like funerals, and even slaves (!?!). And then there are things like Russians wanting to know how much it costs to fly a Mig, and Kuwait wanting to know how much a Lamborghini costs.

As for Japan, I guess you'd never guess: our tech-savy friends seem to be more concerned about the cost of... watermelons.

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