Monday, May 11, 2015

Nexpaq modular smartphone case

Project Ara has shown us that a modular smartphone where you can switch and swap components just as if they were LEGO pieces is indeed possible. And now, this Nexpaq wants to do the same... for smartphone cases.

The Nexpaq has already on its way to triple its goal on Kickstarter, and aiming to turn a modular smartphone case a reality (for the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6.) The base chassis case comes with an embedded 1000mAh battery for extra battery life, but things get a lot more interesting once we look at the existing 6 slots where we can add a number of different modules, ranging from extra batteries to things like a more powerful LED flash, microSD and added storage, programmable phsyical buttons, etc.

It's a really curious concept that might catch on (just like project Ara did), though for now it won't be easy to convince people to pay over $100 for a Nexpaq case with 4 modules - not to mention that even $100k seem a bit "short" to truly make something like this come to fruition.

Besides, one must wonder if simply adding all the promised module features in a single non-modular smartphone cases wouldn't end up being more cost effective, saving off all the troubles with making it modular? Guess we'll have to wait till 2016, and see how the Nexpaq really pans out.

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