Wednesday, June 24, 2015

iOS 9 can temporarily uninstall apps to free space for system updates

No matter how much free space you may have on your devices, eventually we all reach the point where we have to carefully manage what we have to remove in order to free space for a new app we want to try. When it comes to free several gigabytes to install a system update things can get messy, but the new iOS 9 will make it easier, by automatically removing apps to free space and reinstall them later on.

The upcoming iOS 9 comes with lots of improvements, and one of them will make life easier for all users constantly living on the edge of non-existent free space. The new iOS is able to temporarily remove apps to free space during system updates, putting them back later on.

Though it will still be preferable to have enough free space for system updates (and others) this will certainly be preferable than having to do it manually - and hopefully it will be smart enough to back up all data and put things back as they were, so users won't even notice anything different.

Truth be told, what Apple (and other manufacturers) should really do would be to simply phase out all 16 and 32GB devices, and offer 64GB as a starting point. We're talking about just a few extra buck in actual cost, that users would gladly pay, and they could keep their absurd mark up prices for 128 and 256GB devices. (Though, as this is an easy cash cow for manufacturers, charging $100 for 16/32GB upgrades, I wouldn't expect for them to change things in the foreseeable future.)

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