Monday, June 22, 2015

Taylor Swift "forces" Apple to pay music rights during Apple Music free trial

Apple may seem like a company that can do whatever it wants; but it seems that it too has its week spots, and Taylor Swift may be one of them. Looks like Taylor Swift's public complaint about Apple Music's 3 month non-paid music access made Apple backtrack, and achieve in a single day what months of negotiation failed to achieve.

Apple Music streaming is imminent, and although Apple didn't get what it wanted (lower royalties in order to offer a cheaper monthly subscription) it kind of balanced that by offering a longer free trual period (3 months vs 1 month for most streaming services).

The problem was, during these 3 months, Apple had no intentions of paying royalties for whatever people listened to. Something that was infuriating lots of record labels and artists - to the point of Taylor Swift complaining in public, keeping its latest album from Apple Music, and saying it was speaking for all the less known artists that couldn't make themselves heard.

Well, seems like Apple heard her loud and clear, and now decided to pay artists after all, though on a yet unexplained "per-stream" process. Seem like a small price to pay for Apple to stay "friends" with top tier artists; or... did Apple feel that Taylor Swift's decision could be the first small hole in the dam, and that it needed to plug it as quickly as possible before many others started to do the same?

One thing's for certain, this time around it seems that it was Taylor Swift biting Apple. Now I wonder how things will work out in the long run. :)

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