Friday, June 19, 2015

The mischievous app sizes on the App Store

If you're constantly struggling to have some free space on your smartphone, you may like to know that not everything is at it seems regarding the app sizes, and small apps can gobble up much more space than advertised.

We've recently talked about the hardship of figuring out a app size on Google Play, but now we're dealing with truly mischievous information: apps that show up on the App Store with relatively small sizes, but that end up taking much more once installed.

Sure, there are apps that require more space for caches or extra content; but in this case I'm talking about apps that, as soon as they're installed, require substantial extra space. In my case, they were easy to spot, as they jumped to the top of app usage.

Fallout Shelter is a nifty little game, which at 200MB was right on the verge of what I consider "acceptable". However, once you install it, you'll notice that the game now takes 686MB! But, if you want something even better, how about Sleep Attack TD, which comes out of the App Store with a size of just 90MB... but then explodes to 723MB once installed!?!

I can't really imagine why these apps require between 3 and 8x more storage space than the advertised app size; but if this trend continues, the app size value is bound to become meaningless and should be complemented by the size it will actually take once installed.

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