Monday, June 1, 2015

Windows 10 launches on July 29

After Newegg's leak Microsoft has finally committed to a Windows 10 launch date which, as promised, comes in July (although at its very end): July 29.

Microsoft has just officially announced Windows 10 to be launched on July 29 all over the world. It's the expected date (MS had said it would launch on July) but it kind of contradicts the information on Newegg and other stores, which put Windows 10 retail availability only for the end of August. A contradiction that might be explained if the July launch refers to "digital-only" download versions, and the August availability refers to physical retail discs and boxes.

Update: if you're a Windows user you'll probably have a small Windows icon on the system tray prompting you to "reserve" your spot for the free Windows 10 upgrade..

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