Monday, June 29, 2015

Wonders of Portugal on Street View and Google Cultural Institute

Google Street View and Google Cultural Institute have allowed us to travel the world and visit places we might have not the chance to visit physically. And from now on, that means you can visit some of the Wonders Portugal has to offer, with 57 new places that can be visited virtually by anyone anywhere in the world.

This is the perfect tool for anyone planning a trip to Portugal, so they can "preview" what they'll be able to witness with their own eyes, from our oldest castles and ruins to our magnificent well preserved palaces that will certainly leave you breathless. You can even move around entire walled cities like Óbidos, though you won't be able to virtually taste it's famous chocolate festival. :)

You'll find these new place to explore on Google Street View and "Wonders of Portugal" in Google Cultural Institute.

If you're not much into castles and palaces, you'll like to know that you can also find beaches, gardens, natural parks and even several water parks where you'll be able to explore marine wildlife... without getting wet.

Be sure to give these places a look, and once you're convinced... nothing like physically come to Portugal - it will "taste" better (though you may gain a few extra pounds. :)

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