Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Apple's iPhone grabs over 90% of the industry profits

While Apple's iPhone can't compete in quantity with the insane amount of Android devices, there's one very important number where it does. In fact, it completely blows the competition out of the water, grabbing over 90% of the profits of the smartphone industry.

Apple may now "only" have 20% of the smartphone market, but that can easily be dismissed by the estimates that state that it gets 92% of the industry's operating income in the past quarter; a substantial increase from the 65% it got the same period last year.

It's eternal rival Samsung only got 15%; and if you're wondering how they got a combined "107%" profit, that's easily explained by the fact that some of the other top manufacturers lost money producing and selling their smartphones.

Apple is expected to announce its financial results next week, and if these estimates are correct, than it helps understand why Apple is confident enough to order a record number of new iPhone 6S devices for its biggest launch ever. And, unfortunately for us, with results like these, I don't think Apple will feel the need to revise the iPhone price points - no matter just how much I may like an iPhone (or other smartphone, for that matter) I simply cannot justify paying over $700 for a device, when there are so many amazing devices for less than half that amount.

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