Thursday, August 27, 2015

Galaxy Note 5 breaks down if you insert the S Pen the wrong way

Samsung is often accused of plagiarizing Apple, and if that's the case, it seems that now it even goes as far as mimicking the usual "scandals" that surface with each new iPhone launch. In response to the antenna-gate and bend-gate, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is now facing a S Pen-gate.

On the new Galaxy Note 5, Samsung improved the S Pen stylus holding mechanism, using a push-to-release system that makes it easier to store and release the stylus. The problem is, should you insert it the wrong way, you can jam the S Pen in there permanently and also damage the sensor that detects when you remove the S Pen (and launch a specific app automatically).

This would be a serious oversight... but in fact, Samsung is well aware of the issue, as it shows up in the Note 5 manual (which unfortunately isn't included with the device - you need to go online to find it).

Truth be told, there are lots of other things where placing something the wrong way can cause major problems (like a microSD or nano SIM, etc.) But those are things that should be rarely done. As for the S Pen, that's something a user is likely to perform dozens of time each day, and the probability of placing it the wrong way is much more likely - and the S Pen slides right in without any hint of being on the verge of disaster. (Not to mention passing your Note 5 to your kids, or a colleague... which would multiply the chances of that happening.)

Should Samsung really trust users to be informed about it and not do so, or should they have found a way to prevent it from happening. After all, there are devices with stylus going as far back as the last century, and many of them had simple ways to prevent such a thing from happenning.

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