Friday, September 25, 2015

iPhone 6S Plus fixes bendgate issues

The new iPhone 6S goes on sale today (unless the Pope's visit delayed your delivery) and it someone didn't wait any longer to answer what many were dying to know: does it bend?

A few years ago, the launch of a new iPhone would be greeted with dropping it to the floor or figuring out which sort of abuse would scratch or crack its screen. Then, we had the antennagate and people wrapped their hands around it to see if a call dropped; and last year has bendgate time.

Apple has said there was nothing wrong with the iPhone 6, but it sure thought it had to do something. The new iPhones 6S are made from a stronger aluminum alloy, and the case was slightly tweaked to enhance its rigidity. The end result: we can safely say the new iPhone 6S Plus is bendgate-proof... unless you deliberately want to bend it.

As you can see in the following video, the iPhone 6S Plus flexes slightly under intense pressure, but it reverts back to the original shape without issue. It took two people to bend it, which we can consider to be something most people won't be doing by accident. :)

Para referência... podem espreitar o vídeo do iPhone 6 Plus do ano passado e ver as diferenças.

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