Wednesday, October 7, 2015

iPhone 6S Touch ID button gets too hot to touch?

Cue the "can'ts touch this" soundbite. Each new iPhone launch has been plagued by some sort of antenna-gate, bendgate, or any other "gate" issue; and it looks like the new iPhone 6S might be heading into too hot to handle territory, as some users report their iPhones 6S heating up considerably.

The iPhone 6S comes with an improved Touch ID sensor, but it's not yet clear if this is actually causing the abnormal heating issue reported by several users in the Apple forum. Besides, though users report the thouch ID buttom becoming too hot, the problem also seems to affect the entire device, becoming completely unresponsive and with an off screen - and requiring a hard reboot to get it back to working order (press the power and home button simultaneously for 10 seconds.)

Even if we're talking about hundreds (or thousands) of cases, one must keep in perspective that there are over 13 millions of devices out there that are working fine so far; which prompts us to believe that these may be either defective units, or some weird bug. In fact, I'd bet on being a bug, as I have already faced a similar one on my old iPhone 5S, with the exact same symptoms (unresponsive, burning hot, "fixed" via hard reboot - and never experienced the issue again.) Tough i'd certainly be annoyed if the issue persisted regularly on a brand new iPhone 6S.

... Also, one can't stop wondering if this may somewhat be related to the fact that the new iPhone 6S are surprisingly water ersistant. Maybe the idea is to put them in cold water if they get too hot? :)

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