Thursday, October 29, 2015

Motorola "shatters" the competition with shatter-proof screen

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who have already shattered their smartphone screen, and those who haven't... yet. Now, Motorola is trying its best to end this, with a shatter-proof screen, and shows no mercy shattering the competition in the process.

In one of its most recent devices Motorola introduced us to a shatter-proof screen with its ShatterShield technology. Those who were unfortunate enough to have have already faced with such issues, know that this is something that can easily happen. All it takes is simple bump to make our smartphone fall from our hands, not to mention when you think you're putting it into a pocket... but missed the pocket entirely, dropping it to the ground.

To show us how the ShatterShield works, Motorola released a video where it put its device face to face with an iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, for a drop test over a rock pavement. No surprises there (as if this wasn't a Motorola video), both shatter their screens while the Motorola escapes unscathed.

It's always funny to see brands bickering at each other, but this test is hardly scientific. You may drop your smartphone dozens of times and never break its screen. While other times a single fall is enough to shatter it. It all depends on the point of impact. Anyway, I'm sure there are hundreds of reviewers out there that can't wait to put their hands on one of these Motorolas and put its ShatterShield screen up to some real tests.

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