Saturday, November 21, 2015

BedJet heats (and cools) your bed

Everyone knows you shouldn't skimp on a mattress, as you'll be spending one third of your live sleeping, and you better do it as best you can. But even the best mattress can't help you slide in a freezing cold bed during winter, or a hot one during the summer, and that's where this BedJet comes in.

To put it simply, you could look at this BedJet as a souped up thermo ventilator made specifically for the bed. It simply blow hot (or ambient) air into your bed, easing the process of tucking in into a good night's sleep.

This might be of particular interest to all those who fear using an electric blanket/mattress cover to heat up their beds, and it allows you to heat it up nearly instantly, as all it takes is about 90 seconds to do its jobs (you can just turn it on as you undress, and you could shut it down as you slip into bed.)

For couples at odds with the "ideal temperature", there's also a double BedJet system that allows you separately adjust the temperature for each side of the bed. And you can also program it to force you out of bed in the morning by blowing reinvigorating fresh air.

The only problem is that all this will cost you at least $329 which, in my humble opinion, is a bit steep for what it does. But, I'll leave that up to you to decide.

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