Friday, November 6, 2015

YouTube now allows you to watch all videos in VR

We're fast approaching 2016, and you can bet it will be the year when we'll be seeing Virtual Reality plastered all around us, no matter where you look (and I mean in the real reality). As you'd expect, YouTube doesn't want to be left behind in this area, and it now allows you to watch all videos in VR, using an Android smartphone and a cardboard VR setup.

We've had 360º VR videos available on YouTube for a while now, but Google is now allowing to watch any video in VR, even regular videos. In this case, you'll be watching them as if you were watching it on a giant screen.

I guess Google is using some of it's video processing magic to these videos, to create a 3d-like effect that helps create the feeling of being there. Just like it does when it processes video from those 360º camera rigs. But, as usual, results may vary...

The good part is that anyone can try out and see how this VR virtual theater experience works, as all you need is an Android smartphone (the same thing will soon arrive on YouTube for iOS as well), and some cardboard VR goggles that you can find nearly for free on the internet. It should serve as a nice intro to the VR world and give you a glimpse of what the future holds...

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